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Smart Tips To Prepare Your Home For Fall and Winter 2019

Smart Tips To Prepare Your Home For Fall and Winter

With cooler temperatures and leaves starting to change colour and fall, it is a reminder that fall is upon us and winter is around the corner.

As we change seasons as well as activities it is time to think of seasonal maintenance to keep your home running happily and smoothly. Attention to this now can save headaches, aggrevatons and money down the road.


1.Check Your Roof.

At bare minimum do a visual check (using binoculars is even better) for missing,loose or damaged shingles. If you have a flat roof look for branches,leaves or any debris that needs to be cleared.

2.Clear Your Gutters

Remove leaves and other debris from all of your rain gutters and drainpipe to prevent any possible clogging.

3.Check Chimney and Fireplace

If you have a wood fireplace and use it often, have your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional. Make sure that your professional cleaner checks the damper to ensure it can be tightly closed for drafts.

Now is also the time to order and stock up on firewood for the season.If you gather your own make sure it is dry and ready. Store all firewood away from your house for safety reasons.

4.Reinforce Windows and Doors

Remove screens and install storm windows and doors if you use them. Check caulk and seals around all doors and windows.

5. Turn Off Faucets and Store Hoses

Drain garden hoses and disconnect from the outside spigots. Shut off exterior faucets, and if you have an older home, you may need to turn off the valve inside your home. Store hoses in a dry place so any residual water won’t freeze.

6. Service Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Have a professional check and drain your system performing any needed repairs.

7. Landscaping

Check your trees for damaged limbs that could break or are to close to your roof and/or powerlines.Trim back all bushes and shrubbery. Bring in your flowerpots. Empty them,clean, dry and store for next year. Rake up all leaves from property to have them taken away. Check with the city for dates of removal.

Now is also the time for fall lawn fertilizer that will help with winter damage and spring weeds.

Clean, dry and store all your seasonal furniture.



Stay warm, save energy and reduce your heating bills by checking all doors and windows.A good tip is to use a lighted candle and if the flame flickers, there’s most likely a draft. If necessary, replace seals and repair caulking around window and door frames. Consider buying heavier or insulated drapery for especially drafty windows.


Hire an HVAC professional to test for leaks, check heating efficiency, and change the filter. They can also do a carbon monoxide check to ensure air safety. It’s also a good idea to stock up on extra air filters and change them every few months.


If your home has central air conditioning, it may be necessary to cover your outdoor unit for winter. If you use window air conditioning units, remove them or cover to prevent air leaks.


If you have removable screens, now’s the time to clean, store, and replace them with storm windows.


Replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices and test to make sure they’re working properly.


Replace old filters and clean inside compartment. Vinegar is inexpensive and works well.

Last but not least call Fine Details Cleaning to have us do a fall clean. We can clean all your vents, your walls, ceiling fans/fixtures being part of the process of prepping your home for the winter months ahead.

Fine Details Cleaning :)