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When The Clean Does Not Work Well 2019

When The Clean Does Not Work Well

When a clean is booked especially for the first time there is excitment in the air. For the clients who truly need the help and have never hired a service before. For the cleaning service company always excited to provide a much needed clean space for someone.

Cleaner's wait anxiously to hear what the new client thinks when they come home, new clients are anxious to come home to see a clean home and..... it is not the magic everyone was expecting.

When The Expectations Do Not Meet The Reality

No good cleaning service provider EVER wants to hear that a client is not happy. Our cleaning crew always want to provide the best service. Sometimes other factors can cause this from happening . How can this be prevented from happening the first time and how can it be prevented from happening again?

Being Realistic About Expectations

Your home has not been cleaned in a while. You have kids, fur babies, in laws and outlaws coming in and out on a daily basis. Your partner has decided to do renos during all of this and you work for 9 hrs a day.

That is some build up that will be in a situation such as the above. Build up takes time to happen , so does removal of it.

Expecting to have build up completely removed in one clean in a short period of time is asking for disaster.

Be honest about how much build up there is, instead of trying to get quantity in the time you have booked, let the staff know that you are okay if they spend a large amount of time on a small area to get that as clean as possible or the opposite if you want a clean of many surfaces knowing that it is not as deep as it can/should be but it is a first wipe that is good also but choose ONE or the other.

Often we are got in a no win situation with expectations that we should have been able to clean everything AND cleaned in deeply in a small amount of time.

Everything takes time, most good cleaning companies will tell you that honestly and try not to promise the moon but do the best they can.

What Happens If A Client Is Not Satisfied

Talk with your cleaning company right away. Most will offer some form of a 24hr policy that if there is something off they will send the cleaner back to fix it.

Discuss the areas that you are pleased with , then the areas that you have concerns about. No clean is ever completely bad, it is good to give positive feedback along with constructive criticism. Most cleaners WANT you to be happy and will gladly come back to catch missed areas or give a little extra time for a little deeper clean in certain areas.

Do Not Be One Of THOSE Clients

Please do not be that client that calls up and starts threatening the cleaning company that if they do not come back and fulfill a list of demands , they will bad mouth the company all over social media, to all of their friends etc.

Bad cleans happen, we are all human. There is no need 99% of the time to threaten, just talk with the cleaning company reasonably about your concerns , they will do there best to rectify the situation for you.

What To Do If The Cleaning Company Will Not Fix

You are not obligated to let your cleaning company come back to fix areas for you. Even though they will offer, even though they will want to as they do want you to be happy, sometimes it is just good enough to be able to share frustrations with your company and nothing more.

However sometimes a company will not listen, will not answer calls, emails or other forms of communication, will not offer to come back and help. Then you have a few options.

a) You can walk away , call it a day. Many will say this is not an option but sometimes for all of us there is nothing that can be done and the stress of trying to get something done is not worth it.

b) You can file a complaint with the BBB so that there is a mediator that will at least help you get a company to listen. Be careful with this though, this is a step to be taken if you are being completely ignored, with no offer of rectifcation. If the company has offered to help fix the situation and you have turned it down perhaps because you did not feel it was enough, that becomes a witch hunt that is affecting other people's lives. Do it only when the situation is dire enough to call for it.

Steps To Take To Minimize The Chances Of An Unhappy Clean

a) Create a master list from most important areas to least to give to the cleaners. Make sure that on that list is what you want done. If you have mentioned something to your cleaning company in a phone call but when you email the list or leave it at your home, that list is what they will follow. Most cleaners talk with several people daily. They will not remember something said in a phone call or in another form of communication. They will go by the list you send or leave for them.

b) Be clear from the start. If you say to get as much cleaned as possible, do not expect a deep clean, grease scrubbed off of every surface. Expect that they will wipe down as many surfaces as time allows. If you want build up removed then do not expect a large amount of areas to be cleaned. Removing build up takes time the chances are good that they will not get as much cleaned if they are scrubbing hard on certain areas.

c) Realize that what you think can be done in a certain amount of time is never what can be done in that time. Most people under estimate how long it takes to clean. So many factors from animal fur build up, grease build up, dust from renos, picking up toys in bedrooms just to clean floors, a large amount of collectables, all of these add to the time it takes to clean. Though we all try to get as much done as we can in a certain time, it is never as much as we the cleaners would like and never as much as the client's expect.

Cleaning service providers are for the most hardworking, good people who want to give the best they can to their clients. If something is off they want to do their best to fix it. Working together to make that happen or correct it when need be , brings satisfaction to both sides. All we want is to provide you with the best clean we can , fix our mistakes when they happen and leave you the client with a smile.