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Our History

A solid foundation of experience with a commitment to quality.


Our Aspirations

Our commitment to offering innovative ideas that challenge the status quo for improvement


Our Clients

Our clients are the why for all we do and all we are.

Mission Statement

Helping our clients deliver their best service or product through mutually successful partnerships that bring both of us to the table with the highest standards.


Reimagine , re-envision, transform.


  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Uniqueness
  • Safety
  • Fun


Fine Details Cleaning and FDC Janitorial Solutions Risk Management Statement is based on the wellbeing of the people that make up our team as well as those affected by our work.

Our team all work together to keep each other and our clients safe at all times.

All Fine Details Cleaning and FDCJanitorial Solutions Staff will:

  • Identify hazards
  • Assess the risks
  • Control and Track risks
  • Record our Findings
  • Review Findings and Controls
  • Modify where needed
  • Learn our OHS and Risk Management Policy
  • Follow all WHIMIS guidelines
  • All staff will be trained in the proper use, storage and purpose of our equipment, chemicals and PPE
  • Actively participate in the consultation process with management there for allowing for all procedures and documents to accurately reflect onsite experiences
  • Work with appropriate safety measures in place at all times
  • Cease work if they believe it can not be safely done and contact management for a resolution
  • Abide to a minimum by all statutory and regulatory obligations as well as work to exceed them.


Fine Details Cleaning and FDC Janitorial Solutions Management and staff will:

  • Comply with Health Canada
  • Comply with Health Canada
  • Comply with all WHISM protocols
  • Comply with Anti Discrimination Legislation
  • Comply with all Fine Details Cleaning and FDCJanitorial Solutions policies
  • Ensure all reasonable steps have been followed to provide a safe workplace and safe methods of work
  • Require that all team members are appropriately inducted and trained for the tasks which they perform
  • Involve all team members in regular communication, consultation and training so that there is an accurate representation of onsite experience
  • Identify and control all potential hazards through hazard identification and risk analysis to the best of our abilities
  • Provide effective injury management and risk management to all team members
  • Work responsibly and safely
  • Follow reasonable instructions and use equipment appropriately to protect themselves and others
  • Identify and report any workplace incidents and hazards
  • Agree to work with all appropriate PPE, machine guards and safety devices
  • Cease work if there is a concern that it can not be done safely